How We Came to Be
Nelson and area LiR began with a group of seniors who were inspired and motivated to develop an educational organization for seniors based on the belief that the three educational foundations relevant to seniors’ learning are thinking, physical activity, social connection.

Who We Are
LiR is a non-profit society, working in partnership with Selkirk College Continuing Education, founded by and run by volunteers to bring together lifelong learners to share learning, activities and social connections.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to make lifelong learning and social activities available to all seniors in our community.

What We value:
We value learning and laughter. We value the vast repository of knowledge, skills, interest and experience within our senior community and the opportunity to share this with other seniors. We recognize the importance of community, social connection, and the gifts inherent in lifelong learning.

Guiding Principles (established April 2012)
Everyone knows what is expected of them
Communicate clearly among Board members and outreach to LiR membership
Willingness to support LiR goals
Participate and work toward solutions with respect and tolerance
Offer constructive criticism
Be open to other’s ideas
Work with the best interest of the Board with integrity and transparency
Create a welcoming environment for others to become involved.
Create enjoyable synergy.

Our Objectives:
To develop courses and activities that stimulate learning and social connection.
To celebrate the capabilities and potential of seniors and their ongoing value to the community and society.

In accordance with the BC Societies Act, Nelson and Area Learning in Retirement members have access to its Bylaws and Constitution. Learn more via the links below.


From my first introduction to LiR, earlier this spring, I was so impressed with the quality of the programs; really outstanding in variety, scope and just the right touch of ‘learning’ which I love.
As a new Board member, I am looking forward to my term. The board is diverse, very keen and has been extremely welcoming – thank you. I am excited to volunteer with LiR.

Maureen Kelsey

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