Selkirk College PartnerShip


LiR works in partnership with Community Education (CE) at the Silver King Campus of Selkirk College in Nelson, and as such, develops and provides cost recovery programs of speakers and courses for its members with minimal tuition fees. This spirit of cooperation and collaboration is the foundation of this partnership.

They are our benefactor and our support system. Because we are solely a volunteer organization, Selkirk provides us with administration, classrooms and many other support functions and for this, we are endlessly grateful.

Through the CE Department, Selkirk College provides support to LiR operations through:

Enrolment Services. This includes utilizing the CE online registration website for course registration, creating LIR courses within the Selkirk College framework, compliance with federal privacy laws are just a few basic services.

Financial Services. This provides a platform for LiR’ers to pay the tuition for their courses.

Zoom’ing. LiR uses the Selkirk College Zoom license to provide the courses.

Some Administration Support. The CE Support person assists with tasks such as room booking & scheduling, photocopying, supporting LIR instructors for course set up, updating the CE LIR website and many other tasks.

Classroom Space. In-person courses are scheduled at Nelson Campuses as well as space provided for LIR Committee meetings as needed.

CE Coordinator. This person is the liaison between LIR and Selkirk College and provides guidance and expertise in a variety of areas, from college policy and volunteer training to course planning and delivery.

LiR contributes back to Selkirk College by supporting the Cafeteria and Bookstore. LIR purchases coffee for the Friday Presentations sessions. Individual members also support the cafeteria by coming for lunch and coffee.

LiR contributes to an annual scholarship to support a student in the Selkirk College Health Care Assistant Program.   Students who are chosen as recipients are those planning to work in the field of Geriatrics.

LiR Members are students of Selkirk College and are welcomed to enjoy the Student Commons building to play bridge or just hang out. We appreciate their presence and the inter-generational relationships that are formed.


Christine Schmidt
Community Education & Workplace Training Coordinator for Nelson

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