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photo of LiR Nelson Board Chair Jean CarneJanuary 2022

A warm welcome to all our enthusiastic members, as well as those joining us for the first time in our 12th season!

Well, here we are!  Last year we survived the COVID lockdown and successfully ran an entire slate of programs and presentations online. Kudos to the volunteers and committees who, without missing a beat, put together an entirely new way of offering our programs! Kudos too, to the over 200 members who rose to the occasion, learning Zoom and cheerfully attending courses and presentations.  You inspire us all!

This year, we will continue our presentations online until COVID restrictions are eased. We hope, now that you are, more or less, used to Zoom, you will enjoy this new slate of presentations.  The titles range from intriguing to practical. To name a few: the Iditarod Dog Sled Race 2020; Chair Yoga for resilience; Doukhobor History; an Introduction to Philosophical thinking; and Canoeing & Hiking on the Snake River, Yukon.  Wow!

We look forward to seeing your faces and that you continue to be as warm and supportive as you have been over the years and in these odd, difficult times.  It is only because of your caring, dedication and volunteer work along with our strong, supportive membership that LiR has been able to maintain the excellent calibre of lifelong learning for its members.

My deepest thanks to all of you. So, prepare for another interesting year of fun, involvement and sharing.

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Jean Carne
LiR Nelson Board Chair

I enjoy all the social connections that come with being a member. Volunteering with LiR is also something I really enjoy.

Pompea Savarin

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